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2021 UK tech salary calculator

This year, we’re bringing you even more insights with our 2021 UK tech salary report, giving you easy access to all the relevant UK tech salaries and market trends you need to know.
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Snapshot: The Indian education system

India produces close to 215,000 Computer Science graduates every year to service the $200 billion Indian IT and Business Process Management industry.
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India x UK: Startup ecosystems

This report outlines the major differences between the Indian and the UK tech market using data from the Stackoverflow survey of 2020.
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Reverse recruitment: The new way to hire the very best candidates

The ever-growing shortage of talent shows that recruiting IT professionals is one of the main challenges that HR managers have to face today.
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GoTalent insights: The Indian IT industry

The Indian IT sector has been the golden child of the economy for several decades. Affordable labor, talented engineers, readymade infrastructure, and high global demand have helped this sector develop into the world's largest software outsourcing industry.
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India x UK: State of the tech markets

This report examines the states of the UK and the Indian tech markets using data from the Stackoverflow survey of 2020.